CHRISTINE HAMEL structured her education to work amongst art and beautiful things. She graduated Laval University with a Bachelors degree in History of Arts and a Certificate for Public Relations. She attended Harvard for six months where she studied English. Upon graduating, she moved to Montréal and received a Certificate for Environmental Design. She moved back to Quebec and received her Masters in History of Art. She then became pregnant with her first born, Antoine. She was the Buyer at La Galerie du Meuble (a fine furniture store) in Québec for five years. This position involved travel to Milan (for contemporary furniture) and North Carolina (classic furniture). Christine then moved to Montréal and had her second child, Marie. She was the Buyer at Fraser (a classical furniture store). Then, Sales Representative for Schiller, a button manufacturer, for two years. Christine launched the maison + campange section at Les Ailes de la Mode as Senior Buyer. Then, managed a team of fifteen people as Buyer at the Montréal Museum of Fine Arts for seventeen years. Routinely travelling to Paris, Italy, Toronto and New York. Christine's main focus was the museums jewelry collection.

As soon as Christine's seventeen year tenure with the Museum came to an end, she was inspired to begin designing jewelry and attended her first trade show with C. HAMEL in the fall of 2011.


Why is it that we only treat ourselves to jewellery while on vacation? And why do we look forward to receiving jewellery on special occasions? They say you can't forget to accessorize if you want to complete the look. Why are accessories the last thing on our minds?

Having worked with jewellery for over seventeen years, Christine soon realized the value in quality jewellery that's as affordable as "fashion". We put fashion in parentheses because we all love our staples; your leather jacket, designer denim, silk blouse.. And we encourage you to splurge on the staples! But we stay fashionable by updating our wardrobe with "fashion pieces" seasonally. 

C. HAMEL is just like your favourite fast fashion shop you shamelessly visit weekly. But, the pieces are hand made in Montréal and available quantities are much, much less (we don't want you showing up to the party wearing the same thing as Becky with the good hair). 

Inspired by a career in fine furniture and art, her love of food and most of all the strong women surrounding her.. C. Hamel wants us to feel a little more unique one accessory at a time. 

C. HAMEL's favorite mantra is "style is timeless".